Without the creators in this city, in this industry, in this world, AH Comics would not exist.

AH Comics was founded with a creator-ownership approach to publication, focusing on graphic novels and comics. We believe that creators have the right to retain copyright over their own work, and should not be left out of the equation when it comes to marketing and publishing their work.

That being said, AH Comics does acquire and own it’s own properties for publication along with the creator-owned books*. THAT being said, the company does not put any less or more effort in attaining success of it’s own works over that of it’s creators. The directors and staff at AH Comics are artists, writers and fans alike, and we stand behind not just the books, but the creators themselves. Those who sign with us for publication are offered an above-average royalty and/or profit share in sales of their work.

Below is a list of the graphic novels currently available through AH Comics. Please click on the cover image for more information about each one:

Cover Titan…… Cover Delta…… Cover-Hobsons-Gate


For information on our distribution and retailers (and becoming a retailer for AH Comics) please click here

*For privacy and security Alternate History Comics Inc. does not give out information on which publications the company holds copyright to vs. which are creator-owned properties. For more information please email

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    -Frank Miller-